The ONElist Update – May 4, 1999

From: ONElist Tech Support  <>
Date: Tue May 4, 1999 3:34pm
Subject: The ONElist Update for May 4, 1999

The ONElist Update for Tuesday, May 4, 1999

In this issue:

o New Customer Support Tools
o Group Calendars
o ONEreach “Grow to Give” Program
o ONElist Story of the Week
o Help us Improve ONElist!

— New Customer Support Tools —

We’ve got some exciting news on the tech support front. Although many of you know that Kate and her team have done a fantastic job of handling the volume of tech support messages coming in, ONElist has just added new customer support technology which will make the process even more efficient. Two weeks ago we implemented a new system which allows our tech support team to open and track tickets for your inquiries. We will be able to track our response time as well as tap into a knowledgebase for frequently-asked questions. This will free up our tech support team to work on issues which require more individual attention. We’ve invested in this system because it is important that we offer you the best possible customer support possible. Enjoy and let us know how we’re doing at

— Group Calendars —

As many of you know we recently launched Group Calendars. Have you taken a moment to start using this powerful group communications feature? If not, give it a try. There are many ways in which you use it to improve the quality of your ONElist community. Why and how would you use it?

1. Keep each other informed: Post events, meetings, outings, seminars, lectures, special TV episodes, and much more to your calendar so that your subscribers can be kept informed.
2. Stay focused: Post events of interest to your group and have interesting discussions both leading up to and after the event.
3. Keep your subscribers posted of your plans for the list, for example when a group survey will be taking place and when it will end.
4. Use your imagination: Post a sporting event, coordinate book readings with your group, announce the debut of a new film, a concert, a university lecture, or a town hall meeting.

For more details, go to:

— ONEreach “Grow to Give” Program —

We encourage you to participate in our new ONEreach program, “Grow to Give,” which we announced on April 19. We hope you have had the chance to inform your communities about this wonderful opportunity. Through “Grow to Give,” ONElist will donate $5,000 to the charities chosen by the two communities who increase their memberships the most by June 19, 1999. This is a great way to grow your online community, while contributing to a greater cause at the same time. For more details, go to

— ONElist Story of the Week —

Did you know that every Monday we post a “ONElist Story of the Week” on our homepage? The “ONElist Story of the Week” is a great way for list moderators and members to share how their ONElist communities are enriching their lives. We’ve been thrilled to receive a large number of inspirational stories and we encourage you and your community members to share your stories with us! For more information, see our homepage:

— Help us Improve ONElist!  —

We are continuing to upgrade and improve the ONElist system. Our best features have been from suggestions by our users. We now have a suggestion box on our web site; look for the ‘Suggestions?’ button on the ONElist home page. Know how we can improve ONElist? Tell us about it!

Thanks again for making ONElist the leading e-mail community service!

The ONElist Team

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