Surveys And Calendars Announcement – Monday, April 19, 1999

From: ONElist Tech Support <>
Date: Mon Apr 19, 1999 11:48am
Subject: Surveys and Calendars


As part of our continuing efforts to improve and expand the ONElist system, we’ve added two new great features, Surveys and Calendars:


List owners can now send out questionnaires to their subscribers quickly and easily. They are easy to administer and easy for users to participate in. Owners can deliver one question at a time with either single or multiple choice answers and can then view the results. To create a survey, please see the Manage List screen for your list.

We will be creating a sample survey shortly to demonstrate this new feature. A notification will be sent to the onelist_moderators list.

Group Calendars

ONElist has developed Group Calendars to allow users to easily post meetings and events which would be of interest to their group. Each list has its own private calendar, open only to its members. The ONElist calendar also allows owners to send an email notification to all members of the group to remind them of events. The calendar is accessible through the List Center screen of each list.

We are continuing to upgrade and improve the ONElist system. Our best features have been from suggestions by our users. We now have a suggestion box on our web site; look for the ‘Suggestions?’ button on the ONElist home page. Know how we can improve ONElist? Tell us about it!

Thanks again for making ONElist the leading e-mail community service!

The ONElist Team


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