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ONElist And EGroups Announce Merger – November 9, 1999

July 9, 2010

Top two players combine to create world’s largest Internet group communications company

November 9, 1999, San Francisco, Calif. – ONElist ( and eGroups, Inc. (, the two largest companies in the Internet group communications space, jointly announced a definitive merger agreement today. Upon closing of the transaction by the end of this month, the new company, eGroups, Inc., will establish a wide lead in one of the Internet’s fastest growing categories with over ten times the traffic of its closest competitor. The combined company will serve more than 13 million customers, comprised of 260,000 active email groups, delivering over 1.3 billion email messages per month.

“Our mission is to revolutionize the way groups of people communicate using the Internet,” said Michael Klein, new CEO for the combined companies. “Merging the two biggest players gives us undisputed leadership in the email community and group communications category.”

Virtually anyone with email access can use eGroups – anytime, anywhere. With email as the core of its service, eGroups offers a range of Web-based applications to enable group leaders to easily manage complex group interactions and provides individuals with freedom to exchange thoughts, information and ideas with others that share common interests.

Growth of Group Communications

In spite of exponential viral growth effects in this emerging category, the Internet group communications space has been flying below the radar screen for some time.

Traditional measures of Internet reach-web page views-are inadequate to describe eGroups’ massive monthly customer contact. Since the new company’s core focus is email list hosting, only seven percent of its customer contact is captured through web-based impressions. The vast majority of group interactions occur using email. By comparison, the amount of email messages eGroups serves is equal to about two thirds of the email generated by America Online users. Media Metrix figures, while they tell only fraction of the story, are nonetheless significant for both companies. In September, Media Metrix ranked ONElist and eGroups as the 24th and 37th largest Web service companies, respectively. During their infancy, both pre-merger companies independently attracted customers faster than HotMail or GeoCities. In less than a year, eGroups has established a larger user base than either eBay or Amazon.

Word-of-mouth among membership and explosive viral growth have fueled the majority of growth for both ONElist and eGroups. “Group email is truly the killer application of the Internet,” remarked Peter Mills, a ONElist lead investor from CMGI@Ventures (NASDAQ: CMGI).

Forrester Research expects 50% of the U.S. population, or 135 million people, will communicate using email by 2001. In fact, analysts predict that more than one billion people will send nearly seven billion messages per day by 2002. With this merger announcement, the Internet group communications space is now ready to emerge and register on the radar screen along with other fast-growing Internet segments, such as online auctions, search tools, and e-commerce.

Mike Moritz, a lead eGroups investor from Sequoia Capital, emphasized the importance of being number one: “With 13 million members, eGroups has instantly become the undisputed leader in an emerging category. The category leader is typically worth more than the value of all other competitors combined.”

“Bringing together the two category leaders will dramatically change the competitive landscape. This merger marks an unprecedented shift in the emerging group communications arena,” said Jan Buettner, a ONElist board member from Bertelsmann Ventures. “eGroups now has widened the gap in one of the fastest growing segments of the Internet.”

eGroups Management Team

The new company’s management team will be comprised of executives from both ONElist and eGroups. “This partnership brings together some of the sharpest minds in the industry. With this combination of talent and resources from the two companies, eGroups is positioned for incredible growth in the years to come,” added Klein.

In the new company, the management team consists of the following: Michael Klein, recently hired as ONElist’s chief executive officer, will be the new CEO for eGroups; Marjorie Sennett will be senior vice president and chief financial officer; Rikk Carey, will be vice president and CTO; Steven Comfort will be vice president of sales; Jacqueline Maartense will be vice president of marketing; Jeff Winner will be vice president of engineering; Aki Oyama will lead international efforts in Japan; Marcus Riecke will be general manager of Europe; Jade Dauser will be vice president of corporate services; Jill Howes will be vice president of human resources; and Carolyn Patterson, will be vice president of operations.

Klein further noted, “With this team on board, I’m confident that we can execute a smooth and timely integration. Our plan is to continue managing separate operations and web sites for the immediate future. We will strategically integrate our businesses during the next few months so that we can assure a seamless transition for our customers.”

eGroups and ONElist Background

eGroups, Inc., formerly ONElist, Inc. and eGroups, Inc., is revolutionizing the way groups of people communicate, using email list hosting at the core of its service. The combined company serves more than 13 million members and hosts more than 260,000 active community groups that exchange more than 1.3 billion emails per month. The new company offers a range of integrated communications tools including free email communities, photo storage, file sharing, event coordination, group surveys, and chat.

Both launched in 1998, eGroups and ONElist are privately held companies based in San Francisco and Redwood City, respectively, with backing from premier venture capital investors. ONElist received venture funding from CMGI@Ventures (Nasdaq: CMGI) and Bertelsmann Ventures. eGroups, Inc. was financed by Sequoia Capital and Atlas Venture.

ONElist was founded by Mark Fletcher and Scott Shambarger. eGroups was founded by Scott Hassan, Martin Roscheisen, and Carl Page. For more information, please visit and


ONElist Hires Michael Klein As CEO – October 19, 1999

July 9, 2010

Experienced Industry Players Strengthen Leadership in Internet Communities

October 19, 1999, Redwood City, Calif. – ONElist (, the leading provider of active Internet communities, today announced Michael Klein as President and CEO, effective immediately. Founder and acting CEO Mark Fletcher will remain as Chairman and will focus on the ONElist service as Vice President of Technology.

Michael Klein is a veteran technology CEO with the experience to shape ONElist’s explosive growth and e-commerce initiatives. Mr. Klein has been the CEO and founder of two successful companies: MIBEK Corporation, a developer of financial modeling and analysis software, acquired in 1992; and Transoft Networks, the world’s leading supplier of storage area networking (SAN) software, acquired by Hewlett Packard in May of 1999. Michael’s accomplishments have garnered him numerous industry awards, such as the California State Legislature’s 1999 Entrepreneur of the Year distinction and the South Coast Business Technology’s 1999 Entrepreneur of the Year award. Companies led by Michael have placed in Inc. Magazine’s Inc. 500, Software Magazine’s Software 500 and Deloitte & Touche’s prestigious Fast 50. Michael has a BA in International Relations from the University of California, as well as JD and MBA degrees.

“We’re thrilled to have Michael Klein lead what is quickly becoming one of the most important Internet companies,” said Jan Buettner, General Partner at Bertelsmann Ventures. “Michael demonstrates an exceptional ability to guide new ventures to prosperity, and as ONElist moves towards its next phase of expansion, Michael’s talent and industry knowledge will ensure its continued success.”

“ONElist is the category leader in providing Internet communities,” said Michael Klein, ONElist’s President and CEO. “We will leverage this position of leadership to add innovative services for our nearly 8 million members, unique e-commerce opportunities for our partners, and extraordinary revenue sources for our investors.”

In addition to Mr. Klein’s CEO appointment, ONElist also announced several other senior management team members. Frank Mara, formerly President and Chairman of Component Integration Laboratories and an executive at Apple Computer, has joined as ONElist’s new Vice President of Marketing; Rikk Carey, a founding partner of, co-author of the VRML International Standard and a previous director at Silicon Graphics, is Vice President of Engineering; and Marcus Riecke, formerly a Vice President at America Online Germany, is now the General Manager of ONElist Europe.

“This all-star group rounds out our management team,” said Mark Fletcher. “ONElist is leading the Internet community services sector, and these new executives are instrumental in taking ONElist through our next phase of growth.”

Vice President of Engineering, Rikk Carey, has more than 18 years of experience developing software and managing technical teams. Among his many accomplishments, Rikk is one of the founders of the VRML movement; co-author of the VRML International Standard; Inaugural President of the Web3d Consortium; co-author of the book “The Annotated VRML Reference”; and co-founder of, a directory of online music started in 1998. From 1989 to 1996, Rikk was Director of Engineering at Silicon Graphics, where he led a variety of software projects including Open Inventor and Cosmo.

Marcus Riecke, General Manager of ONElist Europe, will oversee the development of ONElist’s brand and member base in Europe. Before joining ONElist, Marcus was formerly the Vice President of New Business at America Online Germany. Before joining AOL, Marcus was Managing Director of Lycos Germany.

Frank Mara, Vice President of Marketing, has over 14 years experience in the computer industry in both technical sales and marketing executive positions. Most recently, he served as President of Component Integration Laboratories, a standards organization dedicated to Internet- and intranet-based distributed component software. Previously, he has held senior-level marketing and sales management positions with Apple, The Santa Cruz Operation and IBM.

About ONElist

ONElist is the leading provider of active Internet communities, where members with common interests get together to inform, discover and collaborate. ONElist has nearly 8 million registered members who host more than 250,000 unique communities and exchange more than 1million emails/hour. Through these free discussion groups, ONElist provides specialized services and e-commerce solutions tailored to each community. Launched in 1998, ONElist is a privately held company based in Redwood City, CA. The company received venture funding from @Ventures III, the affiliated venture capital arm of CMGI, Inc. (Nasdaq: CMGI) and Bertelsmann Ventures, the independent venture capital fund of Bertelsmann AG. For more information about ONElist, visit

EGroups Fires CEO – September 21, 1999

July 9, 2010

Short Take: eGroups CEO steps down
By Jim Hu
Staff Writer, CNET
September 22, 1999, 4:10 p.m. PT

Community Web site eGroups announced that its chief executive, Martin Roscheisen, will take a leave of absence from the company. Roscheisen is expected to return, but he will only play a strategic role, the company said. Venture capitalist Michael Moritz of Sequoia Capital will serve as chief executive until a new one is appointed.

The ONElist Update – May 4, 1999

July 9, 2010

From: ONElist Tech Support  <>
Date: Tue May 4, 1999 3:34pm
Subject: The ONElist Update for May 4, 1999

The ONElist Update for Tuesday, May 4, 1999

In this issue:

o New Customer Support Tools
o Group Calendars
o ONEreach “Grow to Give” Program
o ONElist Story of the Week
o Help us Improve ONElist!

— New Customer Support Tools —

We’ve got some exciting news on the tech support front. Although many of you know that Kate and her team have done a fantastic job of handling the volume of tech support messages coming in, ONElist has just added new customer support technology which will make the process even more efficient. Two weeks ago we implemented a new system which allows our tech support team to open and track tickets for your inquiries. We will be able to track our response time as well as tap into a knowledgebase for frequently-asked questions. This will free up our tech support team to work on issues which require more individual attention. We’ve invested in this system because it is important that we offer you the best possible customer support possible. Enjoy and let us know how we’re doing at

— Group Calendars —

As many of you know we recently launched Group Calendars. Have you taken a moment to start using this powerful group communications feature? If not, give it a try. There are many ways in which you use it to improve the quality of your ONElist community. Why and how would you use it?

1. Keep each other informed: Post events, meetings, outings, seminars, lectures, special TV episodes, and much more to your calendar so that your subscribers can be kept informed.
2. Stay focused: Post events of interest to your group and have interesting discussions both leading up to and after the event.
3. Keep your subscribers posted of your plans for the list, for example when a group survey will be taking place and when it will end.
4. Use your imagination: Post a sporting event, coordinate book readings with your group, announce the debut of a new film, a concert, a university lecture, or a town hall meeting.

For more details, go to:

— ONEreach “Grow to Give” Program —

We encourage you to participate in our new ONEreach program, “Grow to Give,” which we announced on April 19. We hope you have had the chance to inform your communities about this wonderful opportunity. Through “Grow to Give,” ONElist will donate $5,000 to the charities chosen by the two communities who increase their memberships the most by June 19, 1999. This is a great way to grow your online community, while contributing to a greater cause at the same time. For more details, go to

— ONElist Story of the Week —

Did you know that every Monday we post a “ONElist Story of the Week” on our homepage? The “ONElist Story of the Week” is a great way for list moderators and members to share how their ONElist communities are enriching their lives. We’ve been thrilled to receive a large number of inspirational stories and we encourage you and your community members to share your stories with us! For more information, see our homepage:

— Help us Improve ONElist!  —

We are continuing to upgrade and improve the ONElist system. Our best features have been from suggestions by our users. We now have a suggestion box on our web site; look for the ‘Suggestions?’ button on the ONElist home page. Know how we can improve ONElist? Tell us about it!

Thanks again for making ONElist the leading e-mail community service!

The ONElist Team

Surveys And Calendars Announcement – Monday, April 19, 1999

July 9, 2010

From: ONElist Tech Support <>
Date: Mon Apr 19, 1999 11:48am
Subject: Surveys and Calendars


As part of our continuing efforts to improve and expand the ONElist system, we’ve added two new great features, Surveys and Calendars:


List owners can now send out questionnaires to their subscribers quickly and easily. They are easy to administer and easy for users to participate in. Owners can deliver one question at a time with either single or multiple choice answers and can then view the results. To create a survey, please see the Manage List screen for your list.

We will be creating a sample survey shortly to demonstrate this new feature. A notification will be sent to the onelist_moderators list.

Group Calendars

ONElist has developed Group Calendars to allow users to easily post meetings and events which would be of interest to their group. Each list has its own private calendar, open only to its members. The ONElist calendar also allows owners to send an email notification to all members of the group to remind them of events. The calendar is accessible through the List Center screen of each list.

We are continuing to upgrade and improve the ONElist system. Our best features have been from suggestions by our users. We now have a suggestion box on our web site; look for the ‘Suggestions?’ button on the ONElist home page. Know how we can improve ONElist? Tell us about it!

Thanks again for making ONElist the leading e-mail community service!

The ONElist Team