Shared Files Are Here – Thursday, February 25, 1999

From: ONElist Tech Support <>
Date: Thu Feb 25, 1999 12:14pm
Subject: Shared Files are Here!


The past month has been exciting and eventful for ONElist. We’ve achieved some amazing milestones and added a great new feature, Shared Files.

We are now sending 10 million email messages a day and we recently passed 2 million users. Thanks to everyone for making ONElist the leading free e-mail community service!

We redesigned our web site and we are continuing to make it easier for our users to use.

We have added Shared Files. Each list now has 5 megabytes of disk space on the ONElist web server. Subscribers can upload files to this area and other subscribers can view or download the files; it’s a private web site for your community. Check it out in the List Center area of your list.

Moderators can flag files so that they will be e-mailed to the list either bi-weekly or monthly, which is great for frequently asked question lists or monthly reminders.

Moderators can also flag files so that they will be e-mailed to users when they subscribe to the list, or when they unsubscribe from the list. Great for additional welcome and goodbye messages!

For more information on our new Shared Files area, please see:

We are continuing to upgrade and improve the ONElist system. Our best features have been from suggestions by our users. We now have a suggestion box on our web site. Know how we can improve ONElist? Tell us about it!

Thanks again for making ONElist the leading e-mail community service!

The ONElist Team

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