April 14, 1998 – Hardware Upgrade

ONElist’s growth continued unabated. We quickly had to begin the never-ending cycle of hardware upgrades. The original ONElist box was a 166 MHz Pentium PC running Linux with 32 megabytes of memory. Laughable by today’s standards.

Here’s the announcement of our first hardware upgrade. With this downtime, we upgraded the memory to 64 megabytes.

From: admin@onelist.com
Date: Tue Apr 14, 1998 8:30am
Subject: Server Upgrade


We will be upgrading some hardware on the ONElist server. The upgrade will occur tomorrow, Wednesday April 15, 1998, at 9AM Eastern Time and will last approximately 1 hour. A second upgrade will occur later that day, at Midnight Eastern Time, and will also last about an hour.

During these upgrades, the server will not be accessible. Any email will be queued up and sent when the server is back on-line.


The ONElist Team

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